Beyond Classroom

Library: Culture of Reading

“You don’t open a book, You open a mind. You open a mind to unlimited knowledge, understanding, exploring new adventures.”

Reading program helps develop student’s reading skills. It exposes children to books that include text and illustrations and helps them gain confidence in reading comprehension. Students also recommend books to each other and learn new vocabulary.

Fitness and Sports

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

In sports, our students have fun, create friendships, learn the importance of teamwork and build self-confidence through physical activity. Our students represent Dhaniraj School in the district and state-level matches.We promote traditional Indian games like Kho-Kho, Langadi, Kabaddi and Lagori

Science Laboratory

“Everyone needs a laboratory. Amazing things comes from experimentation.”

The school has a well equipped Science Laboratory. The lab has provisions to carry out experiments in Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Besides science equipments, there are many permanent models and specimens on display. Students are encouraged to learn by practice.

Digital Literacy (IT / Computers labs)

“ If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”

The Computer Labs are equipped with the latest technology. The school has the internet and multimedia capability & LCD projection. Practical computing knowledge is imparted by specially trained teachers.

Arts and Music

“Art enables to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Dhaniraj School believes in the power of art and music to build skills and a sense of aesthetics amongst students. There is a strong relation between art and mental well-being. Arts are not just for the creative minds, they play an important role in tactile movements, control and observation skills. Art and Music are no longer hobbies; they can be pursued as serious careers.

Yoga and Meditation

“Close your eyes and open your mind!”

Yoga, a perfect harmony between the mind and body, is a practice inherent to the Indian Culture. Yoga helps the body to relax; lowers stress levels and build our immunity. The students adopt the practice of mindfulness through” asanas“, breathing exercises and mediation that help regulate heart rate, calm the mind and lower stress levels.