Welcome back from the break! Another session starts, with new things to learn and new friends to make! Another school year means new opportunities. Going back to school is a reason for celebration because it means a new step towards a wonderful future. Remember, the result of hard work is always sweet. Have the best school year ever!

An Art or Science!
Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. International Yoga Day- 20th June is celebrated at Dhaniraj School with great enthusiasm.

The choice is yours-Election for Student Council
“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration” The Investiture Ceremony is a solemn occasion where all the young students are prepared to develop the leadership skills and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school. Our school acknowledged the budding young leaders and reposed the trust in them. Programmes like this are momentous school functions for laying the foundation of the culture which churns out leaders of the future.


Ashadi Ekadashi is an auspicious eleventh lunar day of the bright fortnight (Shukla paksha) of the Hindu month of Ashadha (June – July). Our school celebrated Ashadi Ekadashi with great enthusiasm worshiping Lord Vitthal. For the celebration we beautifully decorate Palkhi with flowers and rangoli around it.

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devoh Maheshwara. 

Guru Purnima or Vyasa Purnima is the day to celebrate and pay our gratitude to our Gurus. “Guru”, a Sanskrit word literally translates to ‘the one who frees us of ignorance’. It is the day to respect and show gratitude to the gurus.

In order to commemorate India’s, win in the war, the Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated on July 26. Vijay Diwas or also known as Kargil Shaheed Diwas, is a day celebrated in remembrance of Kargil War Heroes. Dhaniraj School organizes various activities to create awareness among the students to appreciate the sacrifice of our warriors.

To encourage the students to plant more trees, to keep the environment clean and green, Science club of Dhaniraj School organizes ‘Tree Plantation Program’ Students plant saplings of trees like Ficus, Neem, and Pomegranate under the guidance of their teachers.


Raksha Bandhan is a significant Hindu festival celebrating the beautiful bond of love between a brother and a sister. On the full moon falling in the month of Sravana of the lunar calendar, this auspicious day is observed. Dhaniraj Schools organize various interesting activities for children as a part of Rakhi celebrations.

Krishna Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu.
Janmashtami festival is celebrated with great zeal and pomp by the students of Preschool. Children makes their own matkis & crown. The children also celebrate the occasion by singing and dancing with great joy.

Vande Mataram – A salute to our Motherland!
Independence Day on August 15th is celebrated every year across the nation. Dhaniraj Schools conduct flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural events. School premises are often adorned with tri colour ‘Patakas’ & balloons.


Ganesh Festival is the time where Students welcome Lord Ganesha. The multi-talented students of Dhaniraj school starts preparations for decorations: glittery papers, beautiful flowers, attractive decoration pieces and rangoli adorn the activity area.

Our school organizes a fun fair for a day every year. During this event, all the students are involved in it one way or the other. Some students bring their arts and craft items to sell, while some have stalls for drinks and snacks. There are stalls for various activities and entertainment games which parents and children can enjoy.

Teachers are the architect of our society. In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated annually on September 5 to mark the birthday of the country’s former President, Scholar, Philosopher and Bharat Ratna awardee, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Students and teachers of Dhaniraj School celebrate Teacher’s Day together on campus.


India’s 3rd national festival, Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated by the entire nation to commemorate the birth anniversary of the father of our nation- Mahatma Gandhi. The students promise to abide by the campaign- ‘Swachhta Hi Sewa Abhiyan’, with the pledge to keep the school, home and city clean. The event emphasizes on the importance of the famous message by Mahatma Gandhi-

Be the Change you wish to see in the world.

Navratri is a Sanskrit word where ‘Nav”means nine & ‘Ratri’ means nights. Celebration starts by offering prayers to Goddess Navdurga and then by performing the traditional dance form Garba. All the Students, Faculty and Staff Members participate in the event. It’s a colorful event with teachers joining the students enthusiastically in their dance.

Deepawali means an ‘array of lights’ is the festival of lights. It is time to remove the darkness of ignorance within us and replace it with the light of hope and knowledge instead.’ Dhaniraj School children lead the way in spreading the message of celebrating safe and pollution-free Eco-Friendly Diwali.


Art- Mela at Dhaniraj is to provide an efficient platform to showcase the creativity of school students and teachers. This grand artistic fiesta is a wide range of stalls from fruit carving, origami, Warli painting, socks puppet, finger puppet, pottery, tie and dye and so on for display.

We believe in giving equal importance to work and play. Students are always extremely excited to see the new destinations. Class picnic has always been the most awaited day of the year for the students.

“There is no garden as beautiful as childhood”.

A day marking childhood is celebrated with fun and frolic at Dhaniraj School. Children’s day celebrations focus on children and their enjoyment. The day is celebrated to pay tribute to the legendary freedom fighter, popularly known as ‘Chacha Nehru’. The occasion is celebrated every year with grand splendor and fiesta at Dhaniraj School.


Setting up a farmers’ market in school is an exciting way of engaging pupils in key curriculum areas by providing a real-life situation with which pupils lead and own their very own business enterprise. It provides an opportunity to pupils to develop new skills such as money handling, marketing and seasonal vegetables.

Christmas is the festival which inspires the spirit of sharing and caring. On 25th of December, our school celebrates both Christmas and New Year. We decorate the Christmas Tree with lamps and toys and flowers in one corner of the hall. We celebrate both the events (Christmas Day and Welcoming of New Year) together. It means double fun for us.

Annual Day forms an integral part of our school activities. It is an occasion of celebration, felicitation, and festivity when students present not only their wonderful performances but also receive honors for their curricular and co-curricular achievements. The students get a chance to display their talents in front of a big audience.


The festivities are known by various names such as Lohri by north Indian Hindus and Sikhs, Makara Sankranti (Pedda Pandaga) in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Sukarat in central India, Magh Bihu by Assamese, and Pongal by Tamils. Makar Sankranti is mainly a harvest festival and the festival of joy and happiness. Celebrating festivals in school bring the awareness and build cultural belief in children.

Students enthusiastically take part in the annual kite festival organized by the school. A highlight of the celebrations is Kite Decoration, colorful and cheery. Kids just love kites.

The Republic day is celebrated on the 26th January. It has great national importance. India became a republic on the 26th January, 1950. On this occasion school echoes with patriotic fervor as our children enacts skits, sings patriotic songs, and even wear tri-colour clothes to mark the occasion.


There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond the reach of the students. To promote participatory and hands-on learning in Science, the school organizes Science Exhibition for all students. The activity aims at providing a common platform to students to give shape to their innovative ideas and learn from each other’s experiences. The exhibition also provides a medium for popularizing Science and increasing awareness about the close relationship between Science, Technology and Society.

Farewell, last day of students of class 10 at Dhaniraj School, and a very special occasion. The things you have learned will always guide you towards a bright tomorrow. You will be remembered by the teachers. You are the brightest faces of this institute who are going to make us all proud. We believe in you. Happy farewell!

Shivaji Maharaj is one of the bravest Maratha warriors. He stood up against the Mughals and founded the Maratha kingdom. Chattrapati Shivaji’s Maharaj Jayanti is celebrated every year on 19th February, with great excitement.


Holi is known as the festival of colours. Holi is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm in the month of March. Children wait for Holi eagerly, to play with colors and have delectable dishes. Our students celebrate Holi with utmost fervor and enthusiasm.

An exam is not only a test of your academic knowledge, it is a test of your calmness, stability and courage. All the best!