Student Life

Early Childhood Education: The Foundational Stage

Preschool is the formative years of Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG, where children develop their motor skills and cognitive skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Early childhood education consists of multi-faceted, play, activity, curiosity-based learning, comprising of alphabets, numbers, language colours, shapes, indoor and outdoor play, listening to stories, vocabulary increment, puzzles and logical thinking, drawing, painting, drama, music and movement.

Children are trained to be away from home and be ready for school life. These classes are a lot of play and fun in the school environment.

Preparatory Stage (Grade: III to V)

Students of this age are more energetic and inquisitive. Academic developments, physical training and skills improvement are of extraordinary significance. Dhaniraj School has a holistic approach that includes teachers and students work together.

Teachers cultivate an environment of high achievement with fun-learning in the classrooms. All our activities are designed to foster curiosity and awareness of their personal strengths.

Dhaniraj School Curriculum

Each day’s lesson at Dhaniraj School, comprises a healthy mix of curricular and co-curricular modules. Celebrations, competitions, excursions, field trips and events form important parts of the school calendar. Various cultural festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm in order to bring together Dhaniraj family. At The Dhaniraj School we lay due emphasis on different activities through active participation in various social, athletic and artistic clubs. Apart from participating in literary and creative skills competition, Team Dhaniraj lays special emphasis on the wellbeing of their physical as well as mental health through various activities like sports, yoga, and meditation.

Middle Stage (Grade: VI to VIII)

Overall child development and learning is to improve conceptual understanding, developing linguistic skills, focusing on improving English language comprehension, mathematical skills and awareness about the environment. To develop their 21st-century digital skills by giving the children access to new technology.

Projects are planned to integrate knowledge and skills acquired by students in various subjects The Middle stage curriculum focuses on constructivism, inquisitiveness, self-reflection, collaboration and integrative approach.

Secondary Stage (Grade IX and X)

The teachers understand each pupil, their strengths and their challenges. They keep excellence a top priority and empathize with the learners to encourage them to perform even better as they believe in each student’s potential.

Young adolescent minds of today are the citizens of tomorrow who will drive the nation forward. It is our responsibility to groom students to manage interactions with other people that are the key foundation for academic performance, mindfulness and successful social relationships.