Unique Dhaniraj Programs

Unique Dhaniraj

Discipline Ethos

Discipline Ethos is a mix of outdoor and indoor activities. Keeping in mind the age appropriate requirements of the students, dedicated educators will impart physical fitness training, personality development and mind exercises, critical thinking skills and cultural stories of Indian Heritage

Happiness Club

Children come to school from varied backgrounds with varied social and emotional needs. Keeping in mind the changing times, we have designed Happiness club. Happiness club is a safe and compassionate space for children to share their feelings and blossom into the individual they are meant to “be”.

Self Learning Programs

Independent Learning fosters a culture of independent, active, and purposeful learning. This program encourages students towards fruitful time management and study in solace encouraging self learning. Learners also have the ability to choose their learning trajectories.

Self Learning

We emphasize on adequate support for students who are having learning difficulties in specific disciplines by arranging for special classes to bring those students up the learning curve. Our teachers take more effort and guide them. We have therefore, included Remedial Period in Teaching Schedule.

Dhaniraj School has a holistic approach that includes teachers and students work together. Students come to school from varied backgrounds with different experiences. It is the mentor’s role to identify children facing challenging issues and counsel them.

The main objective of career counseling is to help students pick a field that complements their abilities and skills the most. Eminent personalities are invited to the school campus to speak on their career choice and scope. It is an interactive sessions with our teenage students.