Being Teji

I joined the organisation called Dhaniraj School. I was not very young and had worked in other set-ups, collaborating with adults of many types. Dealing with a class full of children was my test now. A healthy work environment, cooperative colleagues and mentors and an ever evolving set of logical, thought out rules helped me to deal with the flutters and butterflies. I kept on learning, executing most of the practices and carried the philosophy of finding solutions without being rigid. This matched perfectly with my personality, and, according to me, with every individual who thrives on logic and practicality. I have seen my organisation prospering because of creativity and celebrating individual styles. This is what has made us stand up high among a sea of run-of-the-mill institutions

That is the challenge now. Holding on to the philosophy, not letting go of the individuality and working styles of adults…allowing children to have a taste of all beautiful emotions and experiences in a non-threatening or conducive environment. We are growing, getting exposed to the realities of the world, and are bound to get affected by the age-old practices. The arduous task is to incorporate the virtues without compromising on our basic character. The test is to imbibe discipline from within, not externally…to achieve targets by setting them up with our own flair and flavour…to select tasks and goals in a way that does not turn teaching and learning into a burden…to enjoy the process and guide others to enjoy it avoid policies and procedures from becoming rigid, lifeless and claustrophobic.

I hope we will be able to accomplish this complex mission with élan and emerge with flying colours.