Teachers The Silent Warrior

“Gurur Brahma gurur Vishnu gurur devo maheshwara Guru sakshat Param Brahma tasmai Shri guruve namaha”

Teaching had always been my passion like any other children in their childhood playing ‘teacher- teacher’ I too was no different and since had come a long way from teaching imaginary students to real life students. Over the years overcoming many challenges that life threw at me, one thing didn’t change and that was my love and passion for teaching.
Now in the recent time with an unprecedented situation called covid-19 where everyone was at their wit’s end, but imparting education kept on flowing a sever. Teachers never took a rest rather they took up the challenge of spreading the light of education with the same Zealand passion (me being one of them). Teachers had to become a student once again and learn to make use of the latest technological trends and with a sense of pride I can say that we all came out with flying colours. Teachers had always been and will remain the silent warriors never stopping and backing off from building up the future generation. Through this blog I would like to pay my respect to all the teachers all over the world.

By: Mrs Shrestha Dasgupta